James Talley


CD Notes (PDF)
· Cimarron Records 2008
· Produced By James Talley and Tommy Detamore
· Recorded in Floresville, Texas
Some of the best music Talley has ever done, which sets a very high standard even for himself, much less others. This is great, grown-up, full-bodied music.
— Jerome Clark

· North Dakota Girl
· I Will Come to You
· They Can't Kill Love
· When Mama Ain't Happy
· World of Broken Hearts
· Are They Really Different
· Santa Fe Blues
· She's the One
· The Girls from Kelowna
· Cold Blooded Killers
· Whiskey and Beer
· When It Was a Love Affair
· Big Thunder
· The Most Influential Teacher
· If Only You Had Stayed
· Song for Shiloh
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