James Talley

Blackjack Choir

· Capitol Records 1977
· Produced By James Talley
· Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee
Rosalyn Carter took copies of James Talley’s three albums to the White House. President Carter even invited him to perform at one of the inaugural parties ... Talley’s music reflects the same kind of soft-spoken determination as his conversation. His songs are attractive in their simplicity. His lucid, poetic lyrics depict universal characters whose stories offer insightful glimpses into Americana.
— Jon Bream, The Minneapolis Star

· Bluesman
· Alabama Summertime
· Everybody Loves a Lovesong
· Magnolia Boy
· Mississippi River Whistle Town
· Daddy Just Called It the Blues
· Up from Georgia
· Migrant Jesse Sawyer
· You Know I've Got to Love Her
· When The Fiddler Packs His Case
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