James Talley

Ain't It Somethin'

· Capitol Records 1977
· Produced By James Talley
· Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee
Talley really is a manifold original American working class parents fresh off the farm; himself a carpenter, welfare worker, horse wrangler, college student, construction laborer. And he sings about workers, and the odds against them, as well as about lovers, and places in this land most of us will never see.
— Nat Hentoff, Cosmopolitan

· Ain't It Somethin'
· Only the Best
· We Keep Tryin'
· Dixie Blue
· Not Even When It's Over
· Nine Pounds of Hashbrowns
· Richland, Washington
· Middle C' Mama
· Woman Trouble
· Old Time Religion
· Poets of The West Virginia Mines
· What Will There be for the Children?
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