James Talley

Love Songs and the Blues

· Torreon Productions 1989
· Produced By James Talley and Rick Durrett
· Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee
Although a dazzlingly capable country tunesmith and performer, he has another, probably more important gift of universal proportions. You see, it doesn’t take a hardscrabble working-class background to appreciate his songs. All it takes is a lot of heart. Talley is a great believer in the power of the heart. His best numbers are as evocative as dreams that everyone has shared in to some degree, dreams of better times, of fewer farewells, of an easier way of living...
— Jim Kelton, The Hearld, Seattle

· Your Sweet Love
· Whatever Gets You Through Your Life
· I Can't Surrender
· He Went Back To Texas
· Working Girl
· Little Child
· Up from Georgia
· All Because of You
· A Collection of Sorrows
· 'Cause I'm in Love with You
· May Your Dreams Come True
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