James Talley

Woody Guthrie and Songs of My Oklahoma Home

CD Notes (PDF)
· Torreon Productions/Cimarron Records 1999
· Produced By James Talley and Gregg Thomas
· Recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico
His matter of fact performance captures the dissonance – the commingling sense of possibility and loss – at the heart of Guthrie’s original.
— Bill Friskics-Warren, The Nashville Scene

Probably the best tribute Woody Guthrie album ever!
— Jane Weber, Radio Slovenia

..hands down the best Guthrie tribute collection ever recorded.
— Bill Friskics-Warren, The Nashville Scene, 10/28/99

..In the lineage of Jimmie Rodgers, Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan ... Woody Guthrie and Songs of My Oklahoma Home ... is timeless. The 20 songs on the album not only stand up to the originals but also complete them, compensating for the recording deficiencies that make many of Guthrie's recordings hard to take in large doses.
— New York Times, 12/9/99

· Belle Starr
· Dust Pneumonia Blues
· East Texas Red
· Do-re-mi
· Deportee
· Vigilante Man
· I Ain't Got No Home
· Roll On Columbia
· Ladies Auxiliary
· Gypsy Davy
· Red Wing
· Pretty Boy Floyd
· Talkin' Dust Bowl Blues
· More Pretty Gals than One/Poor Boy
· Dust Bowl Refugee
· Pastures of Plenty
· Oklahoma Hills
· Grand Coulee Dam
· So Long It's Been Good to Know You
· Reuben James
· This Land is Your Land
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