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Are you a radio programmer, music media person, talent buyer, music supervisor, or advertising executive?

Well, here you go. It's easy as pie! If you have a need for any of James Talley's song catalog, then this page is for you. Whether you are from Paris, France, or Paris, Texas, everyone throughout the world now has free and equal access to every recording James Talley has ever released, from his first album in 1975 to his newest recordings. All of it is available here for free download in your choice of WAV, FLAC, or 256 kbps mp3 format.

All you have to do is fill out a few items about you and your company and your intended use of James' music, then you can quickly and easily download to your heart's content. Once we have verified your information you will be e-mailed the links to the songs you have selected in your desired format. Please set up an account with us to make your next visit even faster. We sincerely appreciate each and every one of the loyal professionals who have helped us so much over the years. Thank you so much for your desire to share James' music with your corner of the world.

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