James Talley

Two New Gems: James Talley Releases Journey: The Second Voyage and Heartsong

James Talley announces the physical releases of the second volume of his acclaimed live performances in Italy from 2002, Journey: The Second Voyage, and his new Heartsong project, a new studio album, which features his classic, "She's The One," and fifteen new songs.  These are now available here on this website and at your favorite music stores, along with download versions here at jamestalley.com and on your favorite download music sites, including iTunes and Amazon.com.  Here are James' comments:

"When we released Journey in 2004, we almost had enough songs left from those Italian concerts to release a second CD of the live shows. I went to Texas in 2005 and mixed and edited the remaining songs with Tommy Detamore at his Cherry Ridge studio near San Antonio. To add something new to the original recordings, I gathered some of the same players with whom I had recorded in Italy and cut several new songs, which were added and sequenced into the original live recordings. In addition, I added Tommy Detamore on pedal steel guitar and Bobby Flores on fiddle to the entire compilation. If the money had been available for the extra players in Italy originally, they would all have been on the first Journey CD. I guess this is the way I "wish" the recordings would have sounded - although I am still quite pleased with the sparseness and intensity of the first Journey CD, which featured only four players. It creates a seamless live recording which I hope my listeners will find enjoyable and musically interesting.

"The release of Journey: The Second Voyage was delayed, however, as after I completed editing and mixing these additional Journey recordings, we decided to reissue the thirtieth anniversary edition of Got No Bread, No Milk, No Money, But We Sure Goat a Lot of Love. This was scheduled for 2005, but we did not get it out until 2006.

"Although both Journey and Journey: The Second Voyage each contain five new songs, I had not released a whole CD's worth of new material since Nashville City Blues in 2000. I decided it was time for a new studio collection as I had a number of new songs I wanted to share; so in December 2007 I went to Texas and recorded several new songs and finished several others I had started earlier that year in Nashville. The project was mixed and completed in 2008. The result is the Heartsong collection. These recordings contain the same core group of players I have used in both Nashville and Texas since I recorded Touchstones in 2001. If you have any of the earlier CDs, you know what heart and soul these players bring to framing my songs. The only old song here is my re-recording of "She's The One," which inspired Moby's re-write of the song as "Evening Rain" in 2003. His version was in the movie, Daredevil, starring Ben Affleck. I thought new listeners might enjoy hearing my updated version of this song. These songs - as are all my songs from the earliest days of my career - are about America's ordinary working people, and their struggle, faith and love. There is no varnish here; these are songs from life.

"Thanks to all of you who have purchased my music in the past and those of you who have come to my performances. You are all sincerely appreciated."

-- James Talley, 2010, Nashville

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