James Talley

James Talley Band Video

James Talley at the Glen
A Concert at the American Grand Prix
Watkins Glen, NY
September 28 - October 1, 1978

In 1978, Marlboro invited James Talley and his band from Nashville to perform at the American Grand Prix Races in Watkins Glen, NY. The concert was filmed by Philip Morris for their Marlboro brand.

This was long before the era of music videos and corporate sponsorship of touring musicians. This short film was edited from two concerts of two hours in length held on successive nights in the Glen.

Directing the filming was Philip Morris' in-house filmmaker, Julius Potocsny.

The film was never used in any commercial sense but to demostrate in-house at Philip Morris the potential of sponsoring musical events. Now, almost thirty years later, this kind of corporate sponsorship is commonplace.

In making this digital copy, it was discovered that the original film print had faded and become discolored. This digital copy was trasnferred to DVD from a commercial video copy made some years ago from the original film.

James Talley - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Larry Chaney - Electric Guitar
Bill Hawks - Electric Bass
David Humphries - Drums
Terry McMillen - Harmonica
John Salem - Piano